Dr. Sherry Fong put me on a strict regime with minerals and other vitamins to help me control my appetite and feel good while doing it.

190lbs (May) - starting weight
160lbs (Aug) -
( I lost 30lbs and I feel excellent)

Since August until today I went off my diet and have been eating unhealthy: pastas, ice cream, pastries, chocolate, fries, tacos, bread, and more.
I was really scared to weigh myself today because I haven't for 2 months.
I weighed myself today and I HAVE NOT GAINED ANYTHING!!! YES!!!
I didn't believe HCG could really help me put off my weight after I went off my diet. It proved me wrong!

I still have 30lbs to lose so I am going back on HCG and my vitamins and I'll re post in a few months.
Make sure to make an appointment with Dr. Sherry Fong before you start on HCG because this diet is very sensitive so you need to know all details.
Saved. Thanks!

Millbrae, CA

I began suffering from daily debilitating headaches and neck pain after a car accident. after undergoing various medication trials & treatments, including acupuncture, physical therapy & chiropractic care, I found that nothing gave me permanent relief. I was referred to Dr.Sherry Fong by a nurse who was treating me at another facility. After receiving 3 months of led light/laser therapy, acupressure, chiropractic & homeopathic care with Dr.Sherry, my pain resolved permanently and i was able to function normally again. Dr.Sherry is very knowledgeable & experienced, & has such a warm spirit. Now, I am back to work full-time & able to take care of my daughter again! Thank you Dr. Sherry for giving me my life back! I highly recommend Dr.Sherry and the HER Club; in addition to medical treatment, Dr.Sherry also offers a high variety of treatments, including wellness care, anti-aging treatments & weight loss/exercise programs!

Yas B.
Oakland, CA

My experience is with Dr Sherry's health and beauty treatments. I've been seeing her for over a year. She brings together anti-aging treatments using nutritional, homeopathic, light treatments and non surgical face lift. She recently upgraded to the latest technology the iELLIOS with which I've had my first treatment. I did 12 sessions of the Perfector previously. Although nothing is instant my results are visible and I'm much happier looking in the mirror.
Coming in for treatments is like taking a holiday. As a 50+ aged woman keeping the clock from advancing too fast is a priority. Sherry is always looking out for the best products and tools to aid in this task.

Last week I had a meridian cupping session, although it was uncomfortable she was able to pinpoint those organs and emotional states that needed help. Dr Sherry as worked on my painful shoulder with her laser and gentle chiropractic and pain left me within minutes.

Julia D.
Berkeley, CA

I've been a member for about 3 years now and it's a terrific club! They have some of the best equipment EVER and I love that it's women only. You can work out in peace most of the time and the staff just couldn't be nicer or better trained to help out a newbie. I admit that I mostly use the facial rejuvenation services, which are fabulous, but also Dr. Sherry Fong is a wonderful resource for any kind of chronic health problem that you're trying to manage. She has me on a weigh-loss product called HCG and it's been a real help in my battle against middle-aged-spread. Highly recommend!

Lesley S.
Oakland, CA

I've been trying to loose weight for a long time. I am not overly overweight person and pretty much healthy eater. But I gained some extra weight over some period of time ( overall for about 15 years). I am about to turn 50 this year. The total of this extra weight is about 20 lb. I tried every possible way: diets, skipping meals, depriving myself from certain foods, Japanese diet, buttermilk diet, eggs diet ... and the list can go on and on. Recently I decided to take control into my hands more seriously and started exercising more regularly and more consistently, and even with exercise and eating well it seemed that my weight was not going down, even more - I gained couple more pounds. But that was due to the muscle gain. Still ... I wanted to get back to my comfortable weight - 15-20 pounds lighter that it is now. I started taking HCG diet drops, and with continuing exercising and eating healthy the weight started dropping little by little. I lost about 12 pounds of fat over 3 weeks of being on HCG diet. I feel lighter and more toned due to exercise but also these extra pounds going away make me feel younger and more comfortable. My dress size dropped about one size but it still feels good and I am hoping that staying on this diet for couple more weeks will help me to loose at least 10 more pounds and one more dress size. It was definitely a milestone with HCG, when nothing else ever worked for me before.

Thank you,

"Dr. Sherry's Arasys face treatments have changed my complexion dramatically. Within a few treatments, the hyperpigmentation across my cheeks started fading and I noticed an overall lift to my entire face. The treaments also restored hydration to my skin which previously had been very dry outside of the T-zone. As I have continued through two full series of 12 sessions, my skin has continued to improve significantly in skintone, color and lift as my skin is healing from within.

In addition, Dr. Sherry is an incredible wealth of knowledge on feeding the body properly to support beauty, health and wellness. In conjunction with my skin treatments, I've incorporated her suggestions on nutrition and eating more healthfully and have lost a few extra pounds I was carrying. Finally, Dr. Sherry's laser treatments are incredible for healing injuries. After she treated my ankle injury with her laser, I was pain-free within a couple of hours. The next morning, I was walking pain-free without my ankle wrap, and my ankle healed after one more day."

Mary, Attorney

"I absolutely love the Ion Magnum and the treatments. I lost over 2 inches off my waist line and my clothes fit loosely and comfortably. My body is starting to look toned and defined like it did 20 years ago. The treatments give me a lot of energy! I find myself looking forward to each treatment. I would recommend this treatment to anybody who wants to boost their energy and have a younger, toned, and leaner body."

John Gray, author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

"Thanks to Dr. Fong for helping me lose stubborn inches around my waist. I have been trying to lose these inches for a couple of years and Dr. Fong's program jump started what I had not been able to accomplish on my own. The amazing part of the time I spent with her was the amount of knowledge and information she gave me during our sessions on diet, nutrition, weight loss and rejuvenation. Dr. Fong is incredibly knowledgeable and passes on both her knowledge and passion for living a healthy lifestyle to her patients."

Smeeta, Attorney-at-law

"I really love the PowerPlate. You can see and feel the difference after only one session. Also, Sherry and Jonathan (the owners) are very nice and concerned about your health and well being. If you're looking for a women's only gym, I highly recommend Her Club."


"I thought the Power Plate was amazing.......now they have brought in two new services for doing natural facelifts through tightening your face and neck muscles and a machine that causes your muscles to contract in order to get rid of fat around the body. I lost 2 inches during the first treatment around my belly button......WOW! That is my most difficult area to lose from. Hanna and Kristina are a great addition with their live Yoga and aerobic classes. The club owners keep coming up with new things to improve my health and wellbeing. Gotta love that!"


"Finally, a women's only gym in downtown San Francisco near Embarcadero BART station. I love the home feel and can honestly say that its about time for a women's gym."

"I can honestly say Her Club has changed my life. I have been a strong proponent of "women's gyms" for a while now, but this one takes everything to a higher level. I have been a member since May 2007, and I have had wonderful results. I've lost 25 pounds through attending Dr. Sherry's weight loss sessions, and I feel my exercise regimens are continually improving.

The gym is such a wonderful oasis in the middle of the bustling financial district. I typically go after work to unwind before heading home. It's very convenient to Bart. I love that the weight machines are true machines, adjustable to ones' height and level of strength. There are cardio machines for some variety. And then there are classes (mostly on dvd for now, but instructors will be scheduled soon) that run the gamut of different activites. My favorites are the yoga and pilates classes, but the kick boxing and dance ones can be fun as well.

Finally, there's the new Power Plate, which can be used for strength training or relaxation. This week, I have had lower back issues, which would normally keep me away from the gym until I was healed. But...I stopped by for some therapy on the Power Plate last night, and my back feels like it's almost entirely back to normal.

So for now, this gym fits all of my needs. I continue to attend Dr. Sherry's seminars, to further my weight loss goal. I use weights at least twice a week, via their Boot Camp (a timed, extended cycle through the circuit). I use the Power Plate for both strength training and relaxation. And I use the classes for cardio, stretching and strengthening. They're bringing in a new Yoga instructor next week, and I will happily attend her class as well.

So in all, Her Club is an extremely supportive environment for women who really want to make a physical change in their life. The staff and other members feel as if they're part of your family. I never dread my visits, like I used to with other gyms. It's often the highlight of my day. Thank you to Jonathan, Sherry and Lynda for establishing such a unique club."


"After just one session of the combination of a chiropractic adjustment and the Ion Magnum I got complete relief from my back pain. I would recommend this treatment."


"I am writing this testimonial regarding the Ion Magnum with which I was treated once for some soreness in my right hip and right gluteus muscles by over use in working out. In one treatment this device dramatically reduced the irritation to my right hip and right gluteous muscles. All discomfort was relieved and I felt totally relaxed."

Dr. Bernd Friedlander

"The Perfector Face Lift treatment really makes a difference in my skin. I can see dramatic result in my skin after only few treatments. My skin was ultra sensitive and I had flare-up when there was an extreme in temperature. I couldn’t tolerate the heat as it would make my skin irritated and itching. I also had breakouts, large pores and my skin was lack of elasticity and radiant. I tried so many different products and even laser treatments to improve my skin condition but with no real lasting results. I was skeptical before I had the Perfector Face Lift treatment but I decided to give it a try after Dr. Sherry Fong convinced me that this treatment is the safest method for skin rejuvenation. After I had few treatments and I must say I am very amazed with result. My breakouts have been greatly reduced and I am seeing much improvement in the skin tone and elasticity. My skin also becomes more tolerant to the heat and the redness is mostly clear. I will continue the face lift treatment every month to keep up with the result. Thank you to Dr. Sherry Fong for making my skin firmer, smoother, and more tolerant."